The precautions for blog postings center around providing too much information.  I think people have a certain person, group or demographic in mind when writing their blog or using Facebook, and while that is understandable and fine, a problem emerges when the blog writer forgets that ANYONE can read that blog or posting.

I have been dismayed at how people will post their new cell phone numbers on people’s Facebook walls.  I know it’s meant just for that particular person, but anyone can see this!

I don’t like the “checking in” feature either, since I don’t feel comfortable providing an iternerary of my life for strangers.

The scariest is when people divulge extremely personal information that, with the wrong person, can be dangerous or, at least, invite trouble.

People who post that they are psyched about the new computer just deposited on their doorstep, but they can’t open it yet because they are at work.  and, they have their address posted in their “info” section!

Or people who write about all the work they are putting into their child’s birthday party- 25 children ages 4-5 will be there! And, only 3 adults!  How exhausting!- and have included their address on their profile page.  Or, at least their name and the town in which they live, which is enough for an online search to find an address.