I happened upon the new perfume from Lady Gaga, Fame, yesterday.  I was quite curious as to the smell, and was still reeling from my reprimands for not having seen her provocative commercial that aired during an MTV awards show.

I liked the the bottle and the columns of spikey gold. I heard the perfume bottle referred to as a “plumb”, and I had to admit this fit.

I liked that the liquid was blackish and turned clear upon contact with air.  I really liked that the perfume was formulated using a technology called “push-pull”, which meant the scent was formulated to highlight each note simultaneously, instead of the usual hierarchy.

At first, I found the smell awful: a mixture of purple Kool-Aid, cheap vodka, and a little honey.  I was quite disappointed.

I decided to spray one of the fresh ribbons, in case someone was playing a joke with the tester ribbons.  Upon spraying, the perfume did not create a large mist, but a more concentrated squirt that hit both the ribbon I was holding and my thumb.  I smelled again, and I was unhappy.  Not only was the perfume foul, it was now on me.  Boo.

I rubbed off as much as a could, then went on with my day, sadder and wiser.  But, within 5 minutes, an awesome and curious thing had happened: the fragrance changed dramatically and smelled good!

After 5 minutes it smelled like apricot, grape juice, honey, and orchid.

Over the next 3 hours, there were different intensities of apricot, orchid, honey, smoke, incense, musk, peach, and black cherry.

After about 3 hours it smelled like J’adore with a little more apricot, incense and honey.

The scent wasn’t too strong– and, it changed many times from floral to fruity to darker and musky– almost unisex.

Also, that perfume LASTED.  I washed my hands several times that day, took a shower, went to bed and ate sushi, and I could still smell that black cherry- smoke- incense- apricot- orchid- J’adore on my thumb.

I was sad as the smell died to my nose later that next day.  I may begin wearing this perfume in the future.