No one has ever asked me if I have spent time in a large cartoonish costume, though I think people should.  That is a good ice breaker.

It turns out that I have been in costume– a cow costume!   In September!

The picture was taken at the 2011 Dairy Convention.  I am the fluffy cow in the back wearing converse.  I was very hot in that costume, and I had to be led around by my friend since I could not see.

We attired ourselves in these costumes in a parking lot near a Subway and piled into SUVs and pickups like real cattle.  I remember riding in the bed of a large white truck– the truck zipping one exit down the interstate, and me feeling every bump as I clutched my cow head in one hand and my friend’s arm with the other.

I stepped out onto the pavement with assistance of two interested people in front of the convention center. We cows and our handlers handed out lots of information regarding the dairy industry, talked with several media and posed for pictures.

We were there for about 2 hours, wet sponges on our heads as we sweat like mad in those hot costumes.  Afterward, we went to a Chinese restaurant, and– after washing our faces and hands in the restroom sinks and drinking lots of water, drank bubble tea and ate spring rolls.