This is my favorite fragrance in Coach’s poppy line.  It is also limited edition, which is a shame.   I hope the Coach/ Estee Lauder powers will make this perfume a permanent Coach offering.

Poppy Blossom really does combine Poppy and Poppy Flower.  It isn’t as marshmellow-y as Poppy or as girly and floral as Poppy Flower, though you can detect these two scents lurking within Poppy Blossom.

Poppy Blossom smells fresh and smooth with strong notes of rose and citrus.  Rose is by far the strongest scent, and while rose can often be too overpowering and crowd out the other scents, the rose- citrus combination exists beautifully.

I detected lower notes of linen, honeysuckle and maybe even vanilla. Maybe.

The best word to describe this fragrance would be FRESH.  It is not too energizing while smelling natural and clean.  I would classify this for fall or even spring, and it is definitely a great day scent.

The sillage is closer to the body, radiating maybe to the elbow of an outstretched arm.   The perfume has good lasting power– I could smell the clean floral fragrance after 6 hours and a long walk with the dogs!  It usually lasts about 6- 8 hours.

The bottle is cute and subdued– great shape, and I loved the textured gold cap! And, in case you were concerned, when you purchase the perfume, it really comes with this orange poppy flower tied around the neck.