For our classroom project, my team—The Top Dogs (aka Group 4)—will be working with Stubby’s Heroes, a bully breed rescue/ advocacy nonprofit based in Lawrenceville.

Upon researching the Stubby website and the fundraiser set for October 27, 2012, our group identified 14 tasks we can undertake and accomplish this semester for the nonprofit. Stubby’s Heroes will choose 3 options that are most important, then the nonprofit will choose another 3 we can work on if we competently finish the first 3.

  1. Create “Donate” button and link to paypal
  2. Create Twitter and other social media accounts
  3. RSS feed from all Stubby social media to Stubby blog, and create widgets for Twitter/ Facbook/ etc
  4. Re-design pages (not so “texty”, etc)
  5. Marketing for 10/27 Fundraiser
  6. Try to obtain sponsorship for 10/27 fundraiser (raffle prizes, money to advertise, etc)
  7. Create video of 10/27 fundraiser and embed on blog/ FB/ etc
  8. Create and send out Press Releases for 10/27 fundraiser
  9. Create Blog section (ideas: children’s story serial, Dog of the Week, breed ban issues)
  10. Create Articles section (breed bans, BSL, descriptions of different bully breeds)
  11. Create Advocacy section (link for different petitions and contacting congresspersons)
  12. Try to obtain corporate sponsorship for non-profit (Petsmart, etc)
  13. Write grant proposal for nonprofit
  14. Photos and write-ups of adoptable animals on site and and other (link to this if info already  online)