I adore the energizing and clean scent of this perfume: a fresh and natural coconut, fresh apple, linen, and a little sandalwood for a woodsy backdrop. The mixture is divine, and I would wear this every summer day if the scent didn’t wear away in less than 20 minutes.

In no way is this perfume artificial or overpowering like a suntan lotion or air freshener. It is, by far, the best fragrance in the Harajuku Lover line.

While clean and fresh, this perfume is mild and sillage-less, and, perhaps, best suited for a 10 year old.  The packaging is wasteful and screams cutesy, pre-teen to me.  I bought the large 3.4 oz tester bottle online for more perfume and less embarrassing plastic “collectible”.

I love the scent, and I wish this were a long-lasting perfume… This is a perfect summer/ outdoors/ sporty/ beachy scent.