I used to adore this perfume. I wore it throughout middle school, and I thought it helped cement me as the coolest person EVER.

The perfume was cheap, and it smelled like two of my favorite things: cherries and vanilla.  How could I go wrong?

I came across the scent last week at a nearby CVS, and smelling the cap and misting some fragrance in the air overwhelmed me with a feeling of nostalgia.  It also gave me the chance to stop loving something I used to love and hold dear.  That’s not a nice feeling.  Oh well.

I must admit I was floored, because the initial smell is not very pleasant. All you get is an artificial and slightly bitter cherry smell– like candied maraschino cherries if they have fermented slightly.  I scolded my 13 year-old self for loving this and subjecting others to it.

After a few minutes, the baby powder/ vanilla scent emerges, and the cherry smell dies down and smells more sweet, though just as factitious.
The fragrance fades quickly and is gone in less than an hour. The sillage is about a medium: someone needs to be at arm’s length or closer.
It’s a decent fragrance for this 45 minutes– much like chocolate- covered cherries, sprayed with cherry air freshener and dusted with a little baby powder.