I received this perfume as a gift.  I like the shape of the bottle– it looks a little Avon, a little modern.  I hate the little grosgrain ribbon tied around the neck, though I do like the subdued colors of the bottle and such.

As for the important stuff: I did not like this perfume.

It has a strong, grandma-like, artificial quality to it.

My boyfriend has divided perfumes into 4 categories: 1. Fruity Perfume, 2. Flowery Perfume, 3. Musky Perfume, 4. Perfume-y Perfume.

This is a Perfume-y Perfume.

I can smell some gardenia, peony, pear and musk– and, the smells are all chemical-like and synthetic.  Unfortunately, the notes do not meld well, the mixture is overwhelming and unpleasant and FAKE.  Boo.

The sillage was about arm’s length, and the staying power was about 1 hour.  It started quite strong, almost eye-watering strong, and then it quickly fades.

I don’t recommend anyone try this.