(This was created for Stubby’s Heroes blog.)

Name: Secret Agent Bean

Breed: Pit Bull/ American Bulldog mix

Secret Agent Bean, aka Mr. Bean, is an energetic and loving little guy born around April 2011.  He came to be a member of the family in May of 2012 when someone dumped Little Puppy Bean in his Nana’s neighborhood and drove away.  Our family initially listed Mr. Bean for adoption, agreeing to foster him in the interim, but, by fall of that year, we had grown so attached to The Secret Agent that she officially adopted him.  Bean now lives with us, seven cats and two Pekingese-mixes in Lawrenceville, GA.  Bean’s favorite activities include dog park and day care visits, playing in his wading pool, spending time with his Nana and bathing his favorite kitties, Ermac and Po.  The Secret Agent is a ladies’ man at the dog park and day care, bringing his many girlfriends toys and occasionally sharing his treats with them.  When Bean is not happily sleeping on the couch, he is playing fetch, Scent Tracking, going for jogs and chewing on his Nylabones.