I have been saddened and traumatized ever since my once favorite fragrance, Coco Mademoiselle, rejected me in my late 20’s.  The scent went from heavenly in my early- to mid- 20s to overly citrus and a little sour when on my skin, and I—with great sadness– had to discontinue its use and begin hunting for a new favorite.

I wouldn’t declare that Coco Noir is my new favorite scent, though I do LOVE this perfume—especially on my adult-Ph skin.  The perfume is warm and a little spicy, inviting yet mysterious, masculine yet definitely feminine.  It strongly reminds me of Mademoiselle, just warmer and darker.

The notes blend perfectly together, and this perfume lasts around 7 hours. The sillage is about elbow’s length, which is perfect.

The initial scent of this beauty is a mildly sweet and creamy floral heavy on jasmine.

After the die-down, Coco Noir took on a woodsy, spicier, orange-ier, more masculine quality. The first 5 or so minutes I smelled mandarin oranges, orange blossom, jasmine, sandalwood with a hint of spice—maybe cloves?

After about 12 minutes the perfume settled and remained for the next several hours in this gorgeous blend:

  • orange blossom
  • grapefruit (the juiciest and least sour in all existence)
  • jasmine
  • patchouli
  • vanilla (very light and unsweet)
  • incense
  • sandalwood

No scent was overpowering.  Every note mingled superbly with the others, leaving one of the most masculine Chanel scents I’ve ever encountered.  This is wonderful for cold weather—just smelling it warms you.