Upon first smelling and applying this perfume, it smelled overwhelmingly of white pepper.  I could barely sense some rose and other florals in the background, though they were 90% drowned out by the pepper smell.

After about 5 minutes, the fragrance began to die down, sweeten and take on a clean quality.  I could smell a soap that reminded me of unscented laundry detergent along with a stronger rose smell and a less strong pepper smell.

After about 15 minutes, the perfume evened out and gave me a clean, fresh, floral scent.  I smelled rose, magnolia and peony– like I smelled these flowers growing in someone’s garden.  I smelled a soapy- cotton– like freshly laundered sheets that were line-dried.  I smelled litchi, or the faint smell of grapes.  I smelled a little sea salt.  I faintly smelled a juicy red or Fuji apple.  Nice.

The fragrance was certainly feminine with a sillage of about arm’s length.  I would deem this a cooler weather scent– best for the spring or fall, especially if spending time outdoors.  I would not recommend this as an office or professional scent.  It has a “hippy” and casual edge to it, so it is great to wear on vacation to the coast or at the farmer’s market.

The staying power was not impressive, the scent strongly lasting 3 or so hours.  I felt like I was floating in a cloud of soap and rose for about 1.5 hours, though.  The fragrance was not too strong– between a soft and medium power.

This scent is calming, soothing, young and fresh.  I would say I could smell this exact scent if I were on the coast of Nova Scotia in Septmeber, in a rose bush- and peony- filled backyard, standing near an old magnolia tree and some freshly laundered sheets that were half-dry and waving on clothes lines, while someone near me eats a red apple.