This is the first Shakira fragrance I have tried, so I had no idea what to expect.  I immediately saw the bottle as an imitation of Dior’s J’Adore bottle— and, I agree that imitation is the best form of flattery.  (I love that bottle).

With the perfume, I was pleasantly surprised—eventually.

Upon first sniffing this on the tester paper and then from the mist I spritzed into the air, I smelled only Baby Powder.  Perhaps some flowers lurked beneath the baby powder smell..?

After about 10 minutes on my skin, the fragrance was 80% baby powder with about 10% white floral and 10% amber & musk.  It had a grandma- like smell, and it also had an intriguing and barely identifiable fragrance beneath of flowers and amber and many other scents.  It was a mystery has to how this scent would progress—or, if it would progress.

Over the next hour, the scent slightly weakened and faded on me as I began to smell pine, pepper, musk, and lots of amber.   The scent changed from synthetic, cheap and unpleasant to a little heavy with amber and baby powder and spices and orange blossom.

From Hour One until the scent died,  I could sense strong notes of orange blossom, freesia and amber; medium intensity peaches, cedar and musk; and slight notes of baby powder (now not overpowering or sweet), pine, black pepper and leather.

I saw styrax was listed as a scent.  I won’t vote on it since styrax has always been a mystery for me: sometimes it smells floral, sometimes it smells like motor oil.  Perhaps the leather I smelled was the styrax… perhaps it was a leather scent.

This fragrance was sultry—there was nothing clean or girly about it.  I would recommend this for more mature woman, a woman who is confident and poised while also casual and seductive.

I feel this fragrance is wonderful for the fall, and possibly for the winter.   With the right coolness of weather, this sultry fragrance will make a great scent for the right person.  Just be sure to work that badass attitude, ladies!

It would work best as a night scent, and it is definitely a good boudoir scent.

The fragrance begins pretty strong.  I didn’t do a sillage test, though I felt everyone within 5 feet of me could smell the perfume for the first 30 minutes.  By Hour One, the sillage seemed quite week, and the perfume lasted decently long on me—about 4 hours.

I would recommend this perfume for the cool months ahead—perhaps the smell won’t take so long to regulate on other people.