Articles abound on perfecting your “writer’s voice,” especially important in the world of blogging.  After tackling the initial worry of “What do I write about?” the writer encounters commandments for opinion, personality, tone, expertise, originality.  How can anyone stack up well with this amount of criteria?

Here are the important factors in blogging according to Steve Peha in Looking for Quality in Student Writing.

  • Appropriate Tone
  • Inject your Personality
  • Be Honest
  • Be Authentic
  • Be Original
  • Care About the Topic

Do I follow all of these necessities?  I feel it depends on the subject.  I wouldn’t say I am breaking new ground with my perfume reviews, though the reviews are original, authentic and honest.  My personality exists, I would hope, though I am not the focus– the fragrance is.  I care about my topic: I love scents– so, I am secure in that regard.

An essay about finding your writing voice by Men With Pens, gives helpful hints and advice to assist a writer in finding his or her “voice.”  Here are some of the questions/ instructions and my responses:

If your writing style was a drink, what kind of drink would it be?

My writing style would be a glass of oaky, dry Chardonnay with a few confounding vegan M & M’s sitting in the bottom.  The candies would be green, blue and red.

List adjectives that describe your writing style:

Interesting, witty, honest, caring, fearless

Imagine different personas in your writing:

A 60 year- old man from Manhattan, a 12 year-old female from Lawrenceville, a female lawyer in D.C.