I am writing about two articles concerning team work.  While the advice is not surprising, it could bear repeating.

An article on the Harvard Business Review described a study on the dynamics of team work in solving problems.

These were the results and the factors needed for the the highest success in teams:

  • High social intuition among group members
  • A higher proportion of women to men
  • Even distribution of work and inputs– no leaders
  • Central hubs in each group: 4% of each group performed 50% of the networking and customer relations
  • Women are more “socially perceptive”

This article correlates with an essay about the strong team work of geese.
The factors for a good team:

  • Have a clearly defined goal all members agree upon
  • Work together
  • Share a “sense of community”
  • Encourage members
  • Support and help members

All of these factors make sense in propelling a team to do good work.  I do see an important factor missing: Have a goal that not only all members agree upon, but a goal that all members enthusiastically want to achieve.  Incentives like achievement or group recognition are important for the individual team members, as peer pressure from the team will only account for so much effort.