I bought this for my anti-fragrance boyfriend, for I know he will eventually come around and wear Black Orchid with as much enthusiasm as I would.  This scent by Tom Ford is unisex, though best on men.  It is spicy, chocolate-y, warm, sensual, dark and very cold weather appropriate.

The scent was formed in 2006 by the creators of Givaudan.  The fragrance was put out in limited release, and is still circulating among the fraggies.

The initial smell for me was bitter and cedar-like.   That only lasts a minute, so be patient!  After about 5 minutes the real fragrance comes through: bitter dark chocolate, gardenia, amber, vanilla, incense, patchouli.  The fragrance is lush, creamy and so sensual.  People, it smells like sex.

Any man smelling like this… oh my!This seductive, mysterious, and gorgeous scent can project its extreme awesomeness on any man.  This is a difficult feat, indeed!

After about 10 minutes you smell the vetiver and patchouli, the orchid, the lily and some mild citrus-y notes—along with the dark chocolate, vanilla beans, amber, incense, sandalwood, gardenia, cream, and spiciness.  And, guys, I promise this is not a “girly” smelling perfume cologne.

Honestly, this cologne is what I would imagine the moments after passionate sex smell like.   It is crazy.

As for sillage: hold out your arms, and the sillage reaches to your wrists.  And, people, this scent LASTS.   With two sprays, it was strong and noticeable on me for about 10 hours.   That is almost impossible with my scent-gobbling skin.

The bottle is quite plain and uninviting.  I guess Black Orchid’s sex-in-a-bottle allure is going incognito.