What a gorgeous, light, summery fragrance!  Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue is a combination of citrus, apple, nature, and clean.  I detected light flowers, but they only serve as accents to these main notes.

The opening notes are strong of green apple, lemons and cedar– that smelled wonderful.  The scent that emerges is even more authentic and lovely: sweet lemons, patchouli, cedar, freshly laundered cotton sheets, green apples, and a hint of amber and roses.

The perfume has an active, yet seductive, quality to it.  It is clean, fresh, young, expensive.  Light Blue seems simple, yet it has a quality allure to it.  Nothing about it smells synthetic or even like a perfume.

This is a perfect scent for spring/summer– especially day.  The fragrance is not strong and sits close to the body, so people only get to experience this delicate scent if you allow them to get close enough to you.

I applaud the use of rose in this perfume as an accent, as it is so easy for rose to become overpowering and drown out the other scents.  The rose perfectly compliments the other notes and brings out the juicy citrus of Light Blue.

Sadly, this fragrance only lasted about 3 hours on me.  After that, you could detect it by directly sniffing my skin.  I guess that is a good ice breaker.