Disclaimer: I received a small tube of this perfume as a gift.  I would never purchase anything Estee Lauder since the company still tests on animals.

For the above-mentioned shameful reason, I had never tried anything in the Estee Lauder line, and that is a bummer.  I like the smell of this fragrance.   It is fresh and relaxed- romantic, and it smells expensive.    It’s a great spring and summer day and night scent.

At first the scent was overwhelmingly gardenia– a little synthetic and chemical-like.  I could make out the smell of nothing else but, perhaps, rose.

After about 5 minutes, the scent was very strong and very white floral.  It made my eyes water a bit, and I felt overwhelmed by the fragrance even though I only sprayed it twice on wrist/ inner forearm.

After about 10 minutes, the fragrance was very white floral—especially lilac, lily and peony– and a bit woodsy and spicy— hints of patchouli and pink pepper.  The strength of the scent was beginning to die down, though it was still quite strong.

After about 20 minutes, the perfume smelled like a garden of white flowers after a light spring rain.   The perfume smelled clean and tranquil and a little muggy.  I could easily detect the pink pepper, a lovely and unexpected compliment to the florals.  It was strong, but not overly so.  The scent remained in this state until it disappeared from my skin.

The sillage of Pleasures was probably arm’s length, though the smell was quite emphatic to me, and I thought the sillage to be room-sized.  The perfume had staying power of about 4 hours—though the strength drops markedly within the first 30 minutes.  The perfume then dies slowly over time, though 8 hours later I could smell the fragrance on my skin.