Oh, I love this fragrance.  This is my favorite Cavalli perfume.  It reminds me of a less fruity and more mature version of Jacques Fath’s Fath de Fath perfume.

This is crazy seductive fragrance that smells the way silk and satin feel.  Cavalli likened the scent to an animal print dress.  I agree. This is a scent for serious, confident women who get noticed.  I will up the comparison and liken the fragrance to a leopard print dress and red patent leather (vegan, of course) pumps.

The smells of amber and vanilla mixed with white florals and a little spice make this perfume lovely, cozy, seductive, warm, sensual.  The vanilla is the strongest note– it exists from the top to the base note.  The vanilla is gorgeous and VERY well done– not too sweet or cloying.

I adore vanilla, so this is one of my favorites.  Be wary of the vanilla, if that is not your favorite scent, though.

The mixture of amber, vanilla, tonka bean, orange flower and a little spice creates a confident, sexy perfume for nights out.  This is a perfume for women in their 30s or even in their hot 40s– it smells like sophistication and sex.

The bottle looks rich, sensual and old-Hollywood.  And, the bottle takes a back seat to this amazing scent.

This perfume had excellent lasting power– over 8 hours of some powerful scent.  And, that is an amazing feat on my skin.

The sillage was fairly large: arm’s length and even more.  It left a lovely trail– several ladies I passed with a good 4 foot distance between us complimented the Cavalli and inquired about it.

This is definitely a cold weather perfume.  It is best for night.  It is just too strong and big for day wear.  Wear this Cavalli on special occasions (New Year’s Eve!) and date nights, just not first dates– too sexy.