Who is Bellepo?

Bellepo an animal lover and lives with her puppy- and kitty babies in a nondescript house that boasts a large back yard for running and fetch.  The dogs agree that this is a great improvement over the 15′ x 15′ yard Bellepo perpetrated on them in a condo a few years ago.  Bellepo innocently believes the dogs are too magnanimous to still hold a grudge, and dog park visits and doggie day care appointments still occur 2x weekly on account of the puppies’ active social lives.

An avid traveler, Bellepo claims to harbor no desire to ever visit Utah or North Dakota or Nanavut.  Bellepo dismisses claims of being traumatized by a jellyfish sting– a “jellyfish attack” according to Bellepo– as a child.  According to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, Bellepo had an emotional reaction to the jellyfish mutant in the first X-Men movie.  Bellepo denies this claim.

Bellepo owns every Steven Seagal movie in existence, and this collection even includes the vampire masterpiece Against the Dark.  Bellepo loves being outdoors, attending live music concerts and buying hotels when playing Monopoly.  The thoughtful Bellepo loves to read, and some favorite writers include Chris Genoa, Mark Danielewski, Robert Rankin, Kurt Vonnegut, Peter Singer, and Paul Fussell.


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